Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Las Vegas Sun Political Endorsements

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Come on guys (Greespun & Co.), you could only find 2 Legislative candidates who are not Democrats? Out of 40 local offices and 44 overall you endorsed only 2 Republicans. This works out to 5% local and 4.5% overall. We all know you lean (way) left, but this is a little much. By contrast your Judicial endorsements are 40% conservative. To be fair, some of your Judicial endorsements are for seats where only liberals (I am choosing to define liberal as being listed on the Clark County Democratic Party's website as 'candidates') are running; removing those endorsements changes your conservative endorsements to 55.6%.

Your only competitor seems to be a little more realistic. The RJ's Legislative endorsements stand at 61.8% conservative (as of this post the RJ has not published County Commission endorsements). On the Judicial side the RJ stands at 44% conservative. After removing seats where only liberals are running it changes to 57.9%. Somewhat more consistent, don't you think?

What this tells me is you want liberals making the law but you don't trust them enough to enforce and possibly interpret the law. I just find this to be very odd. Hopefully someone can provide some guidance here.

Dan Wollam

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